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On March 23-25, the 25th China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition (ccbn2017), the largest radio, film and television technology and equipment exhibition in the Asia Pacific region, with the theme of vision integration and smart future, was held in Beijing, comprehensively displaying innovative technology products and integrated applications in the radio, film and television, interconnection, information-based audio-visual, communications, it, electronics and other industries. Jietong Huasheng was invited to participate in the exhibition with Lingyun's all-round artificial intelligence open platform, which attracted extensive attention of radio and television manufacturers

2017 is an important year for the implementation of the 13th five year development plan, and it is also a key year for radio and television media to innovate and strengthen and win the future. Therefore, this exhibition is unprecedented and especially eye-catching. It is reported that the content of the exhibition is highly comprehensive, covering all radio, film and television technology links, including production, transmission and reception, and involving technical products of interconnection, communication, it, information audio-visual and other related industries

with the diversification and integration of science and technology, many manufacturers with radio and television technology as the core have begun to expand the living room economy and community economy, and comprehensive application platforms with family and community micro centers have emerged in the exhibition

artificial intelligence has become a new entry to the economy of the living room

sing a song of chrysanthemum platform

play "three lives, three generations, ten miles of peach blossoms"

fast forward five minutes

in the Lingyun product experience area, the demonstration program of voice intelligent interaction systems such as smart TVs and smart set-top boxes, as well as the Lingyun robot equipped with Lingyun voice interaction technology have attracted the stopping experience of many viewers

the home integrated platform created by radio and television manufacturers not only brings convenient information experience, but also makes human-computer interaction more difficult. There are even 50 buttons on the remote controls of many TVs, set-top boxes and all-in-one machines. The integration of artificial intelligence technologies such as voice interaction, face recognition and data mining brings infinite possibilities to the living room economy

Jietong Huasheng embeds Lingyun voice interaction technology into TV, radio and television set-top boxes and other devices, which can provide users with services conveniently and efficiently through natural language interaction

in the field of TV boxes, Jietong Huasheng has cooperated with set-top box manufacturers such as radio and television, telecommunications, mobile and many other manufacturers such as Ott boxes and IPTV boxes to widely apply Lingyun voice interaction technology, making the operation of TV boxes more convenient and various functions more efficient

in the field of smart TV, Jietong Huasheng Lingyun intelligent voice interaction technology has also widely served Skyworth, Hisense, TCL, Haier, Philips and other domestic well-known home appliance manufacturers at home and abroad because of this type of damage, helping them to build smart TV that can realize human-computer voice interaction

Lingyun microphone array technology leads a new era of far-field interaction in families

in order to achieve better voice interaction effects, by installing circular and linear arrays on radio and television set-top boxes, all-in-one machines, TVs and other terminal interaction devices, Lingyun microphone array technology can plug smart ears into these smart home central control systems on the basis of strengthening the implementation of building templates, so as to achieve far-field accurate recognition, and let users get rid of TV The set-top box remote control can directly wake up the TV by voice, and easily realize the search of programs and the control of TV by voice

Lingyun microphone array can effectively deal with household environmental noise, reverberation, inherent audio noise of TV, and has functions such as personalized wake-up, accurate positioning of sound source, support for voice interruption, and even recognize voice commands beyond 7m, said the product director of Jietong Huasheng intelligent terminal business unit

in addition to Lingyun voice interaction technology, Lingyun face recognition technology can accurately identify the user's identity, age and other information, so that devices such as set-top boxes can better carry out personalized intelligent recommendations. For example, 1.2 electrical measurement method: attach the pressure sensor to the force measuring element, and TV recommends cartoons that children prefer to watch, which makes kostron win the 2017 "European plastic Innovation Award". When the user is a father, science fiction War movie

nowadays, AI technologies such as voice interaction, microphone array, face recognition and data mining on Lingyun platform have been fully opened to radio and television manufacturers. Jietong Huasheng will also further deepen the strategic cooperation with Lingyun technology of Tsinghua University, which originates from Tsinghua. At the same time, we sincerely look forward to in-depth cooperation with more radio and television technology integrators to jointly promote radio and television towards the era of intelligent radio and television 2.0

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