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Jietong Huasheng won the 2019 CTI forum recommendation award

on December 20, the 2019 CTI forum recommendation award and industry application and market analysis theme Salon Hosted by the CTI forum of the communication and information industry station was held in Beijing. Jietong Huasheng Lingyun AICC intelligent customer service solution won the 2019 recommendation Award for promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in CTI forum

As a leading information service organization in China, CTI Forum's recommendation award has great influence in the industry. The organizer specially invited more than 100 experts in IP communication, ICT and call center industries, mainstream manufacturers and industry users to evaluate the latest technologies and popular product solutions. After a month of rigorous evaluation, the results of the 2019 CTI forum recommendation award were officially announced at the meeting. This award fully demonstrates the leading advantages of Lingyun AICC in technology progressiveness, product innovation, service quality and so on. It is an affirmation and encouragement for the small system, Jietong Huasheng, to use AI to help the call center improve quality and efficiency

Lingyun AICC

help call centers to be fully intelligent

Lingyun intelligent customer service solution is based on the core artificial intelligence technology framework such as semantic understanding, speech recognition, speech synthesis, etc. it can realize customized services according to the needs of call centers, and help them build one-stop intelligent customer service, intelligent voice navigation, intelligent outbound calls, intelligent voice analysis and other solutions, Improve the service quality and business insight of customer service personnel, so as to optimize the customer service experience

Lingyun intelligent customer service

support,, page App and other multi-channel

(business consulting/handling)

provide 7*24-hour customer service

Lingyun intelligent voice navigation

cross the tedious key pressing process

direct to the business node through voice interaction

Lingyun intelligent outbound system

realize automatic batch outbound call

(call, marketing, automatic average cooling of samples, constant temperature visit, etc.)

Lingyun intelligent voice analysis system

real time text transfer of customer service calls

real time voice assistance of agents

100% quality inspection of manual agents

customer service data Value Mining

at present, Lingyun AICC has successfully served many enterprises in the fields of banking, insurance and telecommunications, created high-quality services for customers, and effectively reduced enterprise labor costs

in the future, Jietong Huasheng will continue to adhere to the development concept of enabling all industries to share the future of AI. 1projet MJP 5600 also has a new 3D sprint 2.5 software, and continues to increase investment in artificial intelligence technology research and development and industrial coverage. Help more enterprises upgrade their customer service business intelligently

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