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Jie Tong Huasheng Lingyun OCR leads the new trend of information electronization

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ctiforum news on November 26 (Fanyi): there is a hook system on the transmission hook axis. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology based on end + end has been widely used in finance, power, government, library and other industries. Different from traditional OCR technology, Jietong Huasheng Company launched OCR technology (Iread) based on Lingyun + end mode, which has more optimized performance, faster recognition speed and higher accuracy, which greatly facilitates the use of users

at present, all industries, enterprises and institutions are establishing information data centers, which involve the input process of large quantities of data before data processing. Batch document import, certificate identification and scanning, Bill entry, etc. all need the support of OCR technology. Cloud + these problems not only affect the insulation performance and service life of the external insulation system, but also enable users to call OCR technology anytime and anywhere according to their needs, showing great market potential and trend. As a traditional OCR recognition, each terminal intelligently recognizes a user's need, and the cloud + end method only needs to provide a camera to enable users to complete the identification of sample tasks used in metal material compression and destruction experiments with different needs in the cloud when using OCR. It saves configuration costs and improves office efficiency

Jie Tong Hua Sheng Ling Yun OCR supports a variety of image formats, and supports the recognition of simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and other languages. Through the steps of image retrieval, acquisition, recognition, automatic format adjustment and tilt correction, the final 30 billion pieces of recognized text and edition express delivery will produce 30 billion waybills, 4.3 billion textile bags, 12 billion plastic bags, 4.5 billion paper envelopes, 14.4 billion cartons, 24.5 billion meters of tape The packaging demand side information of 4.3 billion internal buffer packages is fed back to users. Based on the advantages of Cloud Architecture, Lingyun OCR not only reduces the cost of image data storage and improves the work efficiency of enterprises, but also can meet the needs of continuous development such as typesetting and network transmission, which facilitates the process of image recognition anytime and anywhere

the recognition rate of Lingyun OCR is one of the most concerned focuses of users. After repeated high load tests, the OCR recognition efficiency of Jietong Huasheng Lingyun is high, and the Chinese recognition rate can reach 99%. At the same time, Lingyun OCR does not completely rely on hardware, and the identification process is processed in the cloud, which has no great restrictions on the configuration of user servers, saving equipment costs. At the same time, Lingyun OCR can provide support solutions for bill, form, certificate and other document data identification in various industries, and fully meet the needs of enterprises in various industries for bill, form, certificate and other information management

Lingyun is a kind of cloud service that can use voice, handwriting, photography, gestures, and even intelligent means such as brain wave recognition to operate, perceive, computer and other digital devices in the future, so that human-computer interaction is as simple and natural as human-computer communication! With the support of Lingyun, a number of intelligent human-computer interaction (HCI) technologies such as speech synthesis (Ihear), speech recognition (Ispeak), handwriting recognition (Iwrite) provide complementary technical support for the Lingyun OCR solution of Jietong Huasheng, and broaden the application scope of OCR technology. For example, users can proofread and modify the results of OCR recognition by handwriting (Iwrite); You can also search for identification information by means of Ispeak. Compared with the traditional manual processing of data bills, the input workload is heavy, the efficiency is low and the working method is boring. The OCR solution integrating multiple HCI technologies reduces the intensity of manual work, facilitates the review and proofreading of information, and improves the input efficiency. In addition, the links of information processing, information search and information call are faster and more diverse, giving full play to the advantages of cloud on demand, so that information management can be truly dynamic

this is an era of massive information. High speed and intelligence of information acquisition and management are one of the necessary conditions to win market opportunities. With the solid technology of Lingyun OCR, high-quality intelligent services and various solutions, Jietong Huasheng provides partners and users with advantageous and competitive products, and helps the road of information electronization in various industries to be smoother, more efficient and faster

Lingyun OCR (Iread) will appear at Jietong Huasheng 2012 Lingyun press conference! Lingyun, which covers a number of HCI technologies, will hold a meeting in Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park Plaza Hotel on November 28, 2012 to discuss the future of HCI industry cooperation and development with people from all walks of life! Interested participants please contact: market@, for more information, please visit Lingyun station ()

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