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Jietong Huasheng landed on the new third board and gathered the power of industrial capital

Lingyun technology news: on June 30, Beijing Jietong HUA1. If the power transformer has input and no output, sound technology Co., Ltd. officially landed on the new third board (stock abbreviation: Jietong Huasheng, stock Code: 837791), becoming the most powerful, competitive and promising high-tech enterprise in the artificial intelligence sector of the new third board

Jietong Huasheng was founded in 2000, focusing on intelligent voice, intelligent image, biometric recognition, intelligent semantics, etc. if the damp heat experimental box does not have a dehumidification system, it is committed to making the machine be able to speak, listen, write, see, distinguish sound, recognize people, think and judge. It is the first in China to advocate and actively promote the integrated development and application of a variety of artificial intelligence technologies Innovative enterprises integrating services

for more than ten years, Jietong Huasheng has always adhered to the development strategy of low-key and pragmatic, comprehensively penetrating and occupying the market. Lingyun's all-round artificial intelligence technology has widely served all aspects of national economic construction. By providing Lingyun all-round AI technology and solutions for the production of square wave pulse signals with the same frequency as quartz crystals in various fields such as finance, telecommunications, energy, transportation, education, medical treatment, public security, government, etc., Jietong Huasheng promotes Lingyun AI technology and services almost everywhere, and provides the richest, most practical and most convenient AI technology services to 1.3 billion people in China all the time

ten years of honing has become a solid foundation for Jietong Huasheng to resolutely seize the development opportunities of artificial intelligence. In 2011, Jietong Huasheng launched the first all-round artificial intelligence open platform at home and abroad - Lingyun (), which perfectly integrates artificial intelligence technologies such as Lingyun speech recognition, speech synthesis, OCR, handwriting recognition, semantic understanding, machine translation, voiceprint recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, data mining, and provides integrated artificial intelligence solutions and cloud services to the industry and the public, It has successfully promoted China's AI industry to move towards a new era of integrated development of multiple technologies and services

the development of Lingyun and AI technology cannot be separated from the support of strong scientific research forces. In 2013, Jietong Huasheng established strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University, successively established Tsinghua Lingyun AI research center and Tsinghua Strait Research Institute AI research center, and established the brand development strategy of Lingyun technology from Tsinghua to serve the world, We are committed to the industrial application of Tsinghua artificial intelligence technology to establish Tsinghua University's leading position in the development of China's artificial intelligence industry. With the support of Tsinghua University, Lingyun has a distinctive brand and takes the lead in the fierce market competition. With its distinctive enterprise characteristics and unique market advantages covering many application fields, Jietong Huasheng has become the most competitive and promising practical enterprise in China's artificial intelligence industry

however, in the face of huge industrial opportunities and demands from almost all fields, it has put forward urgent requirements for Jietong Huasheng to rapidly expand its team, expand the introduction of excellent talents, achieve large-scale development, enhance transparency and standardize enterprise operation. At the beginning of 2016, Jietong Huasheng completed the shareholding system transformation, further improved the corporate governance structure, and made the enterprise operation more transparent, which laid a solid foundation for further improving Lingyun's brand influence, broadening the development path in a larger range, enhancing the company's overall strength and competitiveness, and achieving the company's large-scale development goals

on June 30, 2016, Jietong Huasheng successfully landed on the new third board and became a leading enterprise in the artificial intelligence sector. This not only marks that after more than ten years of technical research and industrial application in the field of artificial intelligence in China, Jietong Huasheng has begun to enter a high-speed development stage, but also marks that Jietong Huasheng welcomes the capital market with a new attitude and cooperates with forces from all walks of life to jointly promote the rise of China's artificial intelligence industry

for future development, Jietong Huasheng will, as always, adhere to the enterprise principle of making the communication between people and machines as simple and natural as that between people. She said that technology is the core service and its own responsibility. Technology serves the development concept of life, unswervingly implement the development strategy of Lingyun, consolidate the in-depth strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University, and jointly commit to the development of China's artificial intelligence industry, Adhere to win-win cooperation and join hands with partners to meet challenges and jointly share the huge industrial opportunities for the development of artificial intelligence in China

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