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Jietong Huasheng Lingyun platform comprehensive upgrade

in order to let developers experience more intelligent and comprehensive intelligent human-computer interaction (HCI) technology, Jietong Huasheng Lingyun platform has ushered in a comprehensive upgrade. This upgrade marks the beginning of the transformation of Lingyun platform from a capability providing platform to a service providing platform

since the full opening of Lingyun platform, it has been supported and encouraged by thousands of developers, and has provided more than 300million users with rich HCI technical services such as voice and handwriting. Lingyun platform has made great progress and development. The development of Lingyun platform has further proved that only relying on the majority of developers and partners can we win the initiative in the industrial competition and allow more people to enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by HCI technology

this upgrade of Lingyun platform has launched the basic service capability section, which provides many basic services for Lingyun developers, and will provide developers with the whole process of development, submission, promotion, publicity, statistical analysis and other services. As a developer of Lingyun platform, you can not only use the cutting-edge HCI technology of Lingyun, but also use the functions of the basic service module to develop the basic functions of applications, so as to save development costs and development time, and use the resources of Lingyun platform to obtain stable service assurance. Now as long as developers download an SDK basic service package, they will enjoy all the following services:

account service:

provides developers with services to build user profiles and social environments. After connecting to the account service of Lingyun platform, developers can obtain the personal information, social information and other information disclosed by users, and users can also use the login account of Lingyun platform as a login account that should have more obvious advantages than other packaging materials

billing service:

at this time, developers need to contact the manufacturer application to provide a basic transaction channel for consumption recharge. After connecting to the wealth service of Lingyun platform, developers can obtain the personal wealth information disclosed by users and quickly realize the development and construction of transaction function modules. The wealth service of Lingyun platform integrates financial services from Alipay, TenPay and other channels. Developers can connect multiple payment channels by connecting a simple SDK package. In addition, the wealth service also allows users to use recharge, consumption, consumption record query and other related services in the developer's application, and get a safe and fast recharge all plastic racing engine & nbsp; Solvay materials hidden mystery cost experience

application recommendation:

provide more exposure and attention for developers' applications. Lingyun platform promotes and propagandizes developers' applications participating in application mutual promotion through its own multiple resource promotion channels. In addition to the mainstream media cooperating with Lingyun platform, tens of thousands of developers of Lingyun platform will also participate in the promotion and cooperation of mutual help in the mode of mutual promotion, so that excellent applications get more exposure and attention

high score service:

provide mature high score services for applications, especially game developers. The high score service of Lingyun platform provides player score records and a variety of ranking services, which enables game developers to focus on their own game logic, save development costs and get mature and stable high score services

in addition to the introduction of basic services, the core HCI capabilities of Lingyun platform have also been significantly improved in this upgrade. Since the establishment of a strategic partnership between Jietong Huasheng and Tsinghua University in 2013, Lingyun HCI technology has made significant progress, especially Lingyun speech recognition technology has made a major breakthrough, the recognition accuracy has entered the highest level at home and abroad, and the recognition speed has also increased significantly; Lingyun multilingual speech synthesis technology supports 13 languages, covering more than 90% of countries and regions in the world; Lingyun handwriting recognition technology has also reached the world's leading level, which can recognize 92 languages; At present, optical character recognition technology can provide the recognition function of documents, bills, ID cards and other fields. The upgraded Lingyun SDK also provides more concise and easy-to-use sample code, which makes it easier for developers to experience the core HCI technologies of Lingyun

developers are welcome to log in to the Lingyun platform for experience. They are also expected to give more comments and suggestions to our platform, which is mainly used as a filler to jointly promote Lingyun to become a platform for the public to enjoy HCI technology services

finally, please enjoy the fun brought by Lingyun

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