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Shanghai medium term: the gel insulation board for future supply has superior properties such as high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, low density, high strength, green environmental protection, waterproof and non combustible, which should be improved. The Shanghai Rubber initial callback

the main contract of Shanghai Rubber opened low on Monday, and the callback was suppressed by the good future supply. Due to the role of funds, it rose slightly in the session, but the short order in the late session depressed the futures price to below 24800. The position of contract 809 decreased by 4386 hands, fluctuated in a narrow range throughout the day, remained strong, and closed at 27755 yuan

in the external market, the Japanese glue fell to around 320 yen, and the moving average showed a downward divergent distribution. At present, there is still room for decline, and it is expected to fall to 313 yen for first-line consolidation. According to the data of Japan rubber trade association, Japan's rubber inventory fell to 8202 tons by July 10, down 10.4% from 9152 tons on June 30, and a sharp decline of 40% from the same period last year

in terms of spot goods, 500 tons of domestic standard rubber were traded in the Chinalco market today, with an average transaction price of 27808 yuan/ton, up 130 yuan or 0.47% from yesterday; Concentrated latex was only sold for 26 tons, with an average transaction price of 17000 yuan/ton, a sharp correction of 288 yuan or 1.67% from yesterday. Recently, there is no quotation for spot goods in the bonded area, so we need to continue to pay attention to its changes

the transaction price of Thai raw rubber today was 96.08 baht/kg, up from 98. 5% on the previous trading day The Thai baht fell sharply

in terms of news, a senior official of the rubber board of India said on Monday that India's natural rubber production in July was 59500 tons, an increase from 39500 tons in the same period last year. It is reported that the increase in the production of natural rubber in India in July, and other scientists are looking for ways to reduce the consumption of the rarest rare earth resources, mainly due to better weather conditions during tapping. As the fourth largest rubber producer in the world, Indian workers were working in the scorching sun in the first month of 2008/09. The total output of natural rubber was 238865 tons, higher than 183220 tons in the same period last year, an increase of 30.4% year-on-year

the official also said that India imported 2905 tons of natural rubber in July, up from 4240 tons in the same period last year. In July, the export volume of natural rubber increased from 4406 tons in July to 8875 tons in July

India's natural rubber consumption increased to 75500 tons in July, compared with 72070 tons in the same period last year. The year-end inventory of natural rubber was 113000 tons, compared with 91235 tons in July last year

domestic contracts have remained high in recent months, and the strength of the spot market and the low real offer ratio have made bulls confident and slow to reduce their positions in the strength of the futures price. We believe that there is a need for a correction in the rubber price in the short term, but because there is room for imagination in the performance of crude oil, the market has a high probability of wide-ranging shocks

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