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Middle and low-end users make the future of the mobile Internet market

originally, June and July of each year were the sales off-season of the communication industry, but since June this year, focusing on the keyword "mobile Internet", both terminal manufacturers and telecom operators have exploded with unprecedented enthusiasm, and even Internet service providers have participated in it with unprecedented high profile, Aiming at tablet computer users, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has issued a development strategy for professional production of experimental machines, which really reveals some unusual flavor

in terms of business model, in addition to the fact that manufacturers can sell more intelligence and improve the gross profit margin and net profit of enterprise operations, it is difficult for operators and application service providers to make money when the current 3G user scale is still small, intelligent terminals are not popular enough, and application service charges are still a few, but why is it that operators and application service providers' passion is particularly high? In the final analysis, it is still a trend issue. The sudden outbreak of the mobile Internet application market represented by Weibo since last year has given operators and application service providers unprecedented prospects for development. After all, compared with PC Internet users, the stock size of users as high as 900million and the application payment habits accumulated in the SP era are really attractive. Even if an application charging two yuan per month is successfully created, as long as half of the existing users use it, It will also be a huge market with an annual income of more than 10 billion yuan. What's more, the Internet application service market itself fully follows the "long tail theory". No matter how strange personalized applications are, as long as they rely on a large number of users, they may be commercially realized

Generally, it is positive

in view of this, terminal manufacturers, operators and application service providers have launched different development strategies for the mobile Internet market, which leads to the abnormal situation that the current off-season is not light. In terms of terminal manufacturers, intelligence is certainly the best weapon in the replacement market triggered by the popularity of nuggets mobile Internet. However, intelligence is not the only choice to open up this market, and non intelligence that strengthens the functions of Internet applications has greater opportunities

the reason for this is not that intelligence is bad, but that its function is too powerful, which leads to limited growth space for user groups. Young people under the age of 35 can quickly master various applications of intelligence because of their strong ability to learn new things in the market, but groups over the age of 35 are not, especially low-income groups. Their high sensitivity to price will lead to double confusion when choosing intelligence, On the one hand, they may not be able to afford it, on the other hand, they may not be able to use it. In this sense, in the era of the popularity of mobile Internet, there is also a large market for non intelligence, especially in the middle and low-end market, and there is still a lot of potential to tap

similarly, in the mobile Internet application ecological chain jointly built by operators and application developers, there is also much to be done for this part of low-income groups. On the one hand, operators can build more practical mobile Internet applications into the entry-level through customization with terminal manufacturers to cultivate users, On the other hand, operators also need to cooperate with third-party developers to find more "killer" applications with universal applicability, so as to completely activate the data traffic demand of this largest user group. Even if the application service itself does not charge, as long as these users also start to try to use the application, the data traffic revenue of operators will naturally receive rich returns from vigorously promoting enterprise innovation

as for application developers, they should spend more time on non player groups. Like pc internet, free users are not worthless. As long as users are willing to use it, it itself becomes a traffic channel for application service providers. Selling traffic and making windows can make a lot of money, which has been verified in and 360. Why 360 and can launch the open platform strategy recently is because they have scale, why they have scale, because their services are provided to everyone free of charge, and none of the middle and low-end users have given up. South

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