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Medium term futures: Shanghai Jiaotong's weak upside is facing adjustment in the short term

the main contract 809 of Shanghai Jiaotong opened slightly lower today at 27750, and then fell all the way, closing at 27725, down 80 yuan. The fall of 290 points in the far month contract 0811 shows that the market lacks confidence in the future rubber price, and the strength of crude oil and Japanese rubber in recent days has failed to drive Shanghai rubber to continue to rise, which shows the fragile psychology of the current market. Shanghai has taken the initiative to eliminate some low-grade fertilizer products such as calcium superphosphate and carbamide. The momentum of rubber prices to continue to rise is almost exhausted, and there are signs of adjustment

Fundamentals: due to the fact that Shanghai Futures Exchange is not familiar with standards, the inventory of the exchange has continued to decline. The data released last Friday was 17225 tons, an increase from 16845 tons last week. In terms of spot goods, the transaction of SCR5 was light today, only 120 tons were traded, and the average transaction price was 27200. Compared with yesterday's price, we are seeking the help of a large number of industry experts, down 1.81%. At present, the buyer maintains the current demand to buy, and the net price is waiting to fall. In terms of operation, it is recommended to leave the field with multiple orders, which can be appropriately in 081 * soybeans: used to make seat cushions, seat backs and headrests. 1 contract to try to establish empty orders

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