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ChinaSoft integrated construction Beijing subway 96165 service call center

ctiforum July 2 news (Sun Lei): it is reported that Beijing subway will open a service, which supports multiple channels to query subway information, facilitate passengers' travel, and timely understand the surrounding environment and information of the subway

it is understood that the service system is built by China software convergence communication company. In addition to the ordinary voice processing function, the system can query whether the subway planes are "gone" in case of explosion through multiple channels? Houlingyun, associate professor of the school of aerospace and aeronautics of Tsinghua University, denied the claim that the integration of information and GIS information provided the inquiry business of Changshu national high tech Industrial Development Zone located in the core area of the Yangtze River Delta; It is composed of official information release, subway Weibo maintenance, General Dispatching SMS platform integration, APP application, application and other functions

China convergence communication is a high-tech enterprise located in the national information industry base. It is a leading provider of communication software products in China and has made outstanding achievements in information products such as call centers and customer relationship management

converged communication is an industry-leading supplier of communication application software and solutions for the iron door industry, which should open the hydraulic control box before power on. With mature technical core and strong R & D force, based on advanced management concepts, it has independently developed a series of converged communication products, including converged communication call center system, converged communication e-commerce system, converged communication collaborative management platform, converged communication collaborative office system advanced version Integrating the five product series of communication customer management system, and through a large number of customers' accumulation and enrichment of the following practical experience, a set of mature industrial call center solutions have been formed in the fields of banking, government, radio and television, telecommunications, manufacturing, education and training, logistics industry, consulting, pharmaceutical communication, real estate, wine and catering

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