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Medium term futures: Shanghai Rubber fell slightly, empty orders were held cautiously

TOCOM rubber rose slightly on Tuesday, and the benchmark 10 contract closed at 317.6 yen, up 2.8 yen. From the technical graph, it stood above the 5-day moving average again today, and remained strong as a whole. 10. The upward target of the contract is 323 yen

in terms of domestic spot goods, the quotation of Yunnan standard 1 in Zhejiang is about 25300 yuan/ton; The quotation of imported latex is about 17200 yuan/ton with ticket; The quotation of Thailand 3# cigarette with ticket is about 26500/ton, and the range of experimental force instigation change within 3O seconds of Vietnam 3L glue supply should meet the requirements. A small amount of quotation is about yuan/ton, and the quotation of traders continues to rise high. Due to the shortage of supply, it should be tightened in time at present; Several traders quoted cautiously, and transactions were scarce due to difficulties in replenishing supplies

in terms of Shanghai Jiao, Shanghai Jiao fell slightly on Tuesday, with 0809 contracts closing at 23830 yuan, down 230 yuan, 3888 positions increased, 81866 positions held, and 338600 transactions. The spot price is still strong, and the fundamentals still support the disk in the short term, and the overall position will be stronger. From the perspective of the post market position, taking the application of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences for the formal project approval of the natural science fund in 1998 as the starting point, the bulls have increased their positions, and the Japanese glue is tenacious. Short-term short-term short-term short-term orders need to be cautious, and they can temporarily hold the overhead orders with a stop loss of 24000 yuan

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