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In 2017, large and medium-sized SUVs will become the focus of the development of automobile enterprises

in 2016, the rapid growth of the SUV market is obvious to all, and popular models appear frequently. With the bright aura of interconnected cars, Geely boyue, Roewe rx5 and other models have become popular models with high attention, and none of these models has dissolved toxic and harmful materials; It is a compact SUV. However, according to the new car plans of many car companies that have limited the growth potential, this year's SUV models will focus on medium and large SUVs

according to the new car plan announced by SAIC Volkswagen, there will be three models including Volkswagen brand teramont, new Tiguan L and Skoda brand Kodiak to be launched in 2017. Kodiak is one of the seven large SUVs. Recently, the urv appeared in the new car planning of Dongfeng Honda, which is also positioned as a medium-sized SUV. In terms of independent auto enterprises, Chang'an cs95, which will be launched in March, is also a seven seat SUV, while w01, which will be launched by Great Wall wey brand this year, is also a medium-sized SUV

last year, GAC motor took the lead in launching the seven seat large-scale SUV model gs8. After it was launched, it performed well and sold nearly 10000 vehicles a month. At the end of the year, it surpassed Ford Ruijie and became the best-selling model next to Toyota Highlander

with the implementation of the two child policy, small SUVs can no longer meet the travel needs of a family. Therefore, medium and large SUVs with larger space will become the first choice for consumers

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with the continuous expansion of the medium and large SUV market, the congestion of the compact SUV market is expected to ease. As the SUV market is still, car enterprises are more and more inclined to constantly improve the SUV product line, and the rapid layout is still a "blue ocean" medium and large SUV market. However, there are differences in electricity charges across the country

it is understood that Guandao, owned by GAC Honda, has been selling well since its listing. It not only takes a long time to collect the car, but also requires an increase in price. Another hanlanda, which is widely loved by consumers, also needs to increase the price by 15000, and it will take about two months to mention the car

according to the data of the passenger Association, the domestic B-class SUV market increased by 54.8% year-on-year in January this year. Some industry experts boldly predict that the market share of medium and large SUVs will reach more than 40% in the future, and will gradually become the mainstream model in the SUV market

therefore, should car companies that have not planned medium and large SUV models worry

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