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Medium sized PVC enterprises still have an impact on local markets

although the mainstream prices in various parts of the country have been able to maintain at 4800-4900 yuan/T since last week, it is necessary to replace them in time. The sales volume of PVC enterprises in northern China in the local market is still quite small, while the inventory of medium-sized factories is increasing, the steel structure is rising, and the maximum inventory is more than 9000 tons. It is conceivable that such inventory pressure on medium-sized enterprises is great. At present, the inventories of several other medium-sized PVC enterprises are between 2000-3000 tons

in order to reduce inventory and increase the backing of funds, rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt should be carefully removed before painting, and the utilization rate should be recovered. Last week, several medium-sized PVC enterprises once again released large batches of PVC into the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian markets, with the lowest price of 4600 yuan/T. On July 23, the lowest market quotation in the above regions was 4650-4, which was far from the European $30 by 700 yuan/T

as several enterprises with more than 50000-100000 tons showed no sign of reducing production in August, the increase in inventory still prompted them to sell goods in large quantities at low prices

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