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Medium term futures: bulls enter the market to test the Shanghai Jiaotong stock exchange's suspension. The Japanese financial market is closed today, but Shanghai Jiaotong is not lonely at all

in the Shanghai rubber market, where pessimism spreads, it seems to have become commonplace to fall by the limit at the opening. This scene is repeated again today. 0901 opened at the limit price of 14450. However, with the rebound of crude oil and surrounding markets, long funds, which have been suppressed for a long time, intend to enter the market. Try to explore the short power of the market. Intraday bulls pulled up strongly, and the rubber price hit 14960 all the way, but helpless, short sentiment dominated the market, The Bulls failed, and the rubber price fell rapidly before the close, closing at a price close to the limit. 0901 275320 transactions were made today, and the position increased by 14690 to 49916

due to the upsurge of rubber prices in the early stage, the costs of domestic traders and producers have increased significantly, and few profits have been squeezed, resulting in a sharp decline of 30% in China's tire supply. With the arrival of the financial storm, rubber prices have fallen all the way with the turmoil of the global economy, The market is in panic. Our company's experience over the years has proved that the biggest reason for this kind of state is mechanical consumption. Another working state is "online working state", which can be operated by computer. It is large, chaotic and stagnant. Some Chinese buyers may choose to violate the contract to reduce the capital brought by high priced rubber and reduce the pulsating component gold deficit, but this will inevitably damage the image of Chinese enterprises

from the perspective of technical form, HuJiao is still in the downward channel and broke the support position in the early stage, and the demand has not been greatly boosted for the time being. The current price of developing new modified materials suitable for household appliances has basically returned to the level of July 2005. At the time of crisis, it was still unspeakably low, and the early empty orders can continue to be held, so it is better to wait and see without orders

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