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Municipal waste wire and cable stripper environmental protection and energy-saving dry-type copper meter machine

municipal waste wire and cable stripper environmental protection and energy-saving dry-type copper meter machine

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municipal waste wire and cable stripper environmental protection and energy-saving dry-type copper meter machine

Xingchang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the crushing, crushing, research and production of waste materials. It produces mechanical equipment such as copper rice machine, dry-type copper rice machine, small copper rice machine, copper rice machine production line, and its products are widely used in aluminum, copper, iron with a thickness of less than 5mm, and waste circuits. 1 Clear division of space: the experimental machine is usually divided into single space, double space board (circuit board), waste cable and other large volume waste crushing and tearing. For many years, Xingchang mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the purpose of "seeking reputation by quality and development by reputation", and has worked hard to serve customers wholeheartedly and won a good reputation. The enterprise has developed steadily and won the trust of more customers.

copper meter machine is suitable for all types of wires and electricity, such as PWM cables, such as communication lines, fancy wires, miscellaneous wires, burning wires, automobile lines, single branch lines, multi branch lines, wool wires, etc, It has the advantages of high recovery rate, simple operation and automatic control. The daily processing capacity is tons, and the equipment configuration can be adjusted according to the production needs. As one of the most important auto parts, automotive sealant strips are widely used in doors, body, skylight and other parts, and have important functions such as sound insulation, sealing, waterproof, antifreeze and so on. However, these seals also have a certain service time, so they are on some scrapped cars, which will produce a large amount of sealant strip waste. These sealant strips contain metal materials inside, such as steel wire, steel sheet, copper wire, etc., which can be recycled, because, in general, automotive sealant strips still have a certain recycling value. When dealing with these end-of-life automobile sealant strips, relevant equipment is needed to separate the plastic and metal through crushing, crushing and sorting. The quality of the equipment directly affects whether the sorting is clean and whether the efficiency is high enough. As a professional manufacturer of environmental protection equipment, Xingchang machinery and equipment has been committed to the R & D and production of environmental protection equipment for many years, especially in the separation of aluminum and plastic. It can handle different materials for customers, and has been highly praised and trusted by customers

one of the dry-type copper rice machine equipment, which mainly uses the principle of different proportion of different materials to sort the copper and plastic in waste wires. It is a relatively advanced waste wire recycling equipment at present. At present, the domestic waste resource recycling industry is developing rapidly, which is a good time to invest in the full-automatic dry-type copper rice machine

with the gradual development of waste wire and cable recycling equipment, the treatment methods of waste wire and cable are also increasing. Now the waste wire in the market and the establishment of utilization technology research centers and industrialization centers in Shanghai and Huaibei, how is the cable treatment classified? Xingchang machinery describes several classifications according to the relevant situation. Treatment methods for power cables, bare conductors, insulated wires, heat-resistant wires, control cables, waste wires and cables shielded wires, communication cables, radio frequency cables, hairy wires, etc. Cable accessories recycling: cable terminal junction box, waste wire and cable disposal methods, connecting pipe and terminal, cable intermediate junction box, steel plate wiring trough, cable tray, etc; Cable tray recycling: general industrial and mining enterprises indoor and outdoor overhead laying of power cables, waste wires and cables treatment methods control cables, can also be used for telecommunications, radio and television departments to erect indoor and outdoor; Cable intermediate joint recycling: a device that connects the conductor, insulation shield and protective layer of the cable and the cable to connect the cable line. The waste wire and cable recycling equipment produced by Xingchang machinery is aimed at the above lines. All kinds of classification lines are recycled for metal sorting. The city's waste wire and cable stripper is an environmental friendly and energy-saving dry-type copper rice machine. As a commonly used waste wire and cable recycling equipment, copper rice machine is very necessary to invest in a set of environmental friendly dry-type copper rice machine equipment, especially for some friends who have more waste wires and capillary miscellaneous wires in today's tight environmental protection. So, how much is a set of environmentally friendly dry-type copper rice machine? Environmental friendly dry-type copper rice machine is specialized in processing all kinds of φ The use of various miscellaneous wires and cables below 20mm and copper meter machines not only improves the recovery rate of copper in waste wires and cables, but also avoids the environmental pollution caused by burning copper. It is a professional waste wire (cable) separation and recovery equipment, which is in line with the guiding ideology of China's sustainable development strategy. How much is a set of copper rice machine? The main indicators to measure the copper rice machine are the purity, power consumption, environmental protection and production cost of copper rice. At present, there are many kinds of copper rice machines with different grades in China. The main problems are the low purity of copper rice machines and high maintenance costs. In addition, the residual copper in waste plastics is high, which not only reduces the recovery rate of copper. The pulverizer has higher production efficiency, lower noise and more stable operation. The return system makes the semi-finished products undergo secondary crushing, ensuring the complete separation of metal and non-metal. The double separation technology of the fully automatic new intelligent copper rice machine has high output and high purity. The fully automatic new intelligent copper rice machine is a professional production line for dry separation of waste wires and cables. For example, old automobile circuit lines, communication cables, and wire strippers are not suitable for processing (all kinds of civil wires) waste and miscellaneous wires. Wool, fine thread, etc. The feature of this machine is that the large and small lines do not need to be classified, and can be broken and separated at the same time. The double separation technology of the new automatic intelligent copper rice machine has high output and high purity. Automatic new intelligent copper rice machine double separation technology, high yield and high purity. New and unique structure, large production capacity and less power consumption. 2. Reference standards. High sorting rate, one feeding, multi machine cooperation. The whole line is controlled by PLC, which is at the leading level in China. The development of this machine was successful. It not only solves the problems in the method of burning copper, but also improves the quality of copper recovery. It can also recycle plastics and solve environmental pollution at the same time

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