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With the development of the times, the packaging of products has attracted more and more attention of consumers. Good products and good packaging will represent the image of the brand. It is understood that the United States, Britain, Germany, France and other European and American countries are quite strict with packaging

packaging is the first feeling of products. Besides the plumpness of materials, printing technology is extremely important. All kinds of colorful packaging products fill our sensory world, and the color of packaging depends on whether there is a top-quality carton printing machine. Of course, it is not enough to have a good carton printing machine, but also professional operators, because the color matching is very cumbersome. If the matching is a little careless, its effect will be greatly reduced

features of carton printing machine

carton printing machine (printing slotting machine) is a comprehensive carton processing equipment that integrates five processes: printing, slotting, corner cutting, line pressing and edge cutting. Its features:

adopt semi-automatic chain workbench for feeding

all transmission gears are made of helical gears with high precision, long service life, low noise and stable operation

the adjustment system adopts electric planetary 360 circumferential adjustment or manual 360 circumferential adjustment to ensure adjustment without shutdown

the ink guide system adopts high-precision corrugated roller pneumatic ink supply, plus an independent motor for ink leveling, pneumatic plate picking, which can stop the ink without stopping, so as to improve the service life of corrugated roller and ink leveling roller

the transmission system adopts gapless matching to ensure the chromatic accuracy, improve the service life of gears and reduce noise

the slotting part adopts four knives to adjust the box Height synchronously. Positive inching setting, computer digital input, improve work efficiency

CAD module design of the whole machine adopts electric walking and pneumatic locking

introduction to the performance of carton printing machine

carton printing machine uses water-based ink printing. Based on the design of front-line operators, it is simple and fast to operate, convenient and rapid to adjust, accurate to process, wide range of application, real materials, and neat appearance. The carton printing machine is equipped with multi-functional configurations such as electric clutch, pneumatic ink supply, pneumatic plate lifting, stop ink leveling, pneumatic lock group, pneumatic lock gear, planetary phase, electric phase, electric box height, electric box width, gear spray lubrication, host frequency conversion speed regulation, etc. In short, the carton printing machine has ultra-high cost performance

power transmission: the non tooth power transmission mode reduces the noise of the machine, mainly making the machine more widely used

(1) the thickness of the board is 1mm ~ 30mm at the same time, which is suitable for the printing of ultra-thin (such as 1mm), 3, 5 and 7 layers of corrugated cardboard and ultra thick cardboard

(2) the thickness range of printing plate is 1mm ~ 20mm, which is suitable for printing plates of any thickness

paper feeding: chain pusher type manual paper feeding, maintenance free workbench, automatic tightening of the chain, no need for regular manual maintenance

ink supply:

(1 when talking about automatic production) the unique ink supply system structure, the lifting or falling of the ink roller (corrugated roller) will not cause damaging hard friction between the ink roller, rubber roller and related parts, and there is no passive hard friction between the ink roller and rubber roller, thus extending the service life of the rubber roller

(2) the gap between the ink roller and the rubber roller shall be adjusted arbitrarily between -5mm and +5mm, and there shall be scale indication to ensure the accuracy of the opening and closing gap

(3) the ink roller and rubber roller are equipped with a closed shield with heightened design to prevent dust or foreign matters from falling into it, which is also conducive to the observation of working conditions

(4) the auxiliary light design is to take into account the operation at night or in an environment with poor light, so as to facilitate the observation of the cleaning condition of the inking and inking roller

gap adjustment:

(1) all shafts and rollers that can be adjusted up and down are lifted vertically. The tire is rotated inside the drum. There is no disadvantage of eccentric adjustment (the lowest point of the eccentric upper shaft and the highest point of the lower shaft are not on the vertical line). The clearance adjustment tool has only one shaking handle, and its efficiency is more than 10 times that of worm gear box. Electric adjustment mode (optional) is more convenient

(2) synchronous paper support structure, which rises and falls synchronously with the adjustment of the lower printing roller, and always keeps pace with the upper limit of the lower printing roller. When replacing paperboards with different thicknesses, there is no need to adjust the height of the paper support bridge

(3) the inherent synchronous self-locking function on both sides ensures that the gap between the two ends of the shaft and roll and the upper shaft is consistent for a long time, without the disadvantages of Turbo box locking, ensuring that the printing is uniform and the paperboard will not deviate

size adjustment:

(1) electric digital phase and box height adjustment

phase: that is, relative position, which refers to the position of 73 on the printing plate or the first group of slots relative to a certain edge before or after the box sheet. Box Height: refers to the height of the finished carton, specifically refers to the distance between the two groups of slotting knives

the phase and box height are adjusted electrically in mm. You can enter the value for automatic adjustment (numerical control) and inching adjustment. When inching adjustment, the adjusted value (digital display) is displayed electronically. It can be adjusted when the machine is running or stopped

(2) carton width: that is, the width or length of the finished carton, specifically refers to the spacing of slotted rolling marks

it includes the synchronous electric axial movement of the upper knife, the lower knife, the paper picking knife, the upper and lower thread pressing wheels, which can be adjusted separately or simultaneously by multiple knife groups, greatly shortening the order change time

(3) the slotting knife and corner cutter can adapt to the cardboard below 7 layers. When replacing cardboard with different thickness, the knife does not need to be adjusted

(4) the slotting part is equipped with auxiliary lights to facilitate operation at night or in an environment with poor light

variable frequency speed regulation of the host: the gear of the whole machine is automatically sprayed and lubricated, and the gear oil is recycled

main technical parameters of carton printing machine

precautions for reasonable purchase of carton printing machine purchase of carton printing machine first needs to consider the site, because the carton printing machine occupies a relatively large site, which is generally 7m long and about 2.5m wide. Secondly, we should observe whether the machine is brand new, mainly to see whether the gears and equipment are painted at one go. Check whether the motor of the equipment operates normally again. Finally, pay attention to whether there is noise after the equipment is started

the process of purchasing carton printing machines is actually like our home life. We need to shop around. Whether the cost performance is reasonable is the key to purchase. At the same time, the after-sales service of equipment is also extremely important. In recent years, the packaging industry has gradually sprung up. Basically, there will be agent points of manufacturers in small and medium-sized cities, and special salesmen will be stationed locally. When purchasing equipment, we can also go to the nearest manufacturer for on-site inspection to better understand the equipment. After the carton printing machine is in place, it should be debugged. Pay attention to the maintenance and repeated debugging of the equipment, because the software of the experimental machine will be used too long after the equipment is running, and some problems will occur due to the reason of the computer, which may make the parts loose

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