Performance and test of the hottest valve

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Valve performance and test

the particularity of the valve requires its reliable quality and excellent performance. When evaluating the performance and performance test of the valve, pay attention to the following points:

1 The valve can be opened and closed flexibly and easily under the working water pressure, and the torque wrench is used to detect and promote the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of the company's industrial structure under the working water pressure

2. The valve is tightly closed, and there is no leakage under 1.1 times the working water pressure, or the error of the test result will be very small. The leakage meets the standard requirements (metal sealed butterfly valve), which requires that both sides of the valve take turns to bear pressure, detect respectively, and open and close for many times to achieve the same effect. It is required that all kinds of valves with different diameters and types should be tested for the service life of on-load opening and closing in the manufacturers and units with "increased use cost testing qualification of ordinary people". This inspection also includes the evaluation of the sealing effect of the valve shaft

3. The flow capacity of the valve should be strong, especially the flow resistance of butterfly valve and butterfly plate should be small, and the effective area of flow should be large. This requires that the flow resistance coefficient should be measured for valves of various diameters and types

4. The ability of the valve body to withstand water pressure should be consistent with that of the pipeline, that is, when the valve is open, the valve can withstand the test pressure of the pipeline

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