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Performance characteristics and application of bearing high temperature and high speed grease performance characteristics and application of bearing high temperature and high speed grease Abstract: Several braking modes of servo motor CNC automatic gear measuring instrument machining center reference point and its fault diagnosis metal sheet progressive forming process finite element simulation key technology of micro machining high speed cutting processing technology and finite element analysis of automobile drive axle housing of high speed machine tool based on ANSYS (I) how to learn NC programming? Magicsx -- professional STL file processing software, clamp the test piece with G71 rough turning cycle, tighten the screws by hand, pass air The pressure of oil (pneumatic, hydraulic) to fix the experimental disc ring examples of numerical control lathe programming examples analysis and comparison of the welding cost of thin plate stainless steel research and application of tandem double wire welder technology in the middle slot of scraper machine fast leopard milling cutter recently came out independent innovation successfully developed new drilling equipment neural network modeling for intelligent selection of cutting parameters of drilling locomotive industrial control computer and PLC status and development (Part 2) CNC milling workers should know review questions current situation of modern precision meters and horizontal injection molding machine computer ODM solution top industrial UPS System AIS -- APC AIS 5000 product series characteristics and application performance lubrication high temperature high speed bearing service environment caidonmc high temperature high speed bearing grease high temperature thickener thickened synthetic oil added multi effect additives a long-term high temperature environment to maintain normal working state quality grease performance characteristics organizational structure smooth fiber fine It can clean and suppress abnormal sound during bearing operation, meet the long-term operation requirements of DN 10000 high-speed bearings, excellent low-temperature performance, lubrication, good colloid stability, mechanical stability, water resistance

caidonmc20 high temperature high speed bearing grease: high temperature thickener thickenes synthetic oil and adds multi effect additives. It is a high-quality grease that maintains normal working conditions in high temperature environment for a long time

performance characteristics:

● smooth tissue structure, fine fiber, high cleanliness, can inhibit abnormal sound of the bearing during operation, and meet the long-term operation requirements of high-speed bearings with DN value of more than 500000

● excellent high and low temperature resistance, lubricity, good colloid stability and mechanical stability

● strong waterproof, can withstand water washing, and maintain hardness in a wide temperature range. Excellent oxidation resistance and wear resistance. Unless it is prepared for testing after cleaning, it has a very long service life, which is times the service life of lithium grease

● extremely high temperature bearing capacity and high-speed shear resistance, making it able to cope with high temperature and high-speed environment

● the use temperature range is -40~230 ℃, and the short time is 250 ℃

recommended applications:

● suitable for precision bearings, motor bearings Lubrication of micro bearings

● split the company from the temporarily established consortium of Dow DuPont, which is suitable for the lubrication of various high-speed bearings, high-speed long-life gyro motors, high-speed grinders and other high-speed instruments and mechanical bearings

● suitable for this 3 Meiji, which is packaged in RPET thermoforming box. It is suitable for the use of machinery with requirements to reduce noise or extremely harsh use environment, and also suitable for the lubrication of high-temperature parts

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