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Performance characteristics and market potential analysis of RFID tags

today, a new term in the field of tags can not be ignored - radio frequency identification (RFID). Experts predict that RFlD tags will be widely used in commodity tracking and logistics management in the global supply chain. The automatic identification function and data acquisition system of RFID tags will replace bar codes. Especially in June, 2004, Wal Mart announced that its main 100 suppliers must use RFID tags before 2005, which set a good market start for RFID tags

rfid tag is a kind of smart tag, which can provide real-time monitoring information for suppliers, distributors and customers, and RFID tag has a very good anti-counterfeiting function. RFID tag is only a part of RFID system, not completely completed by printing. The printing process needs to be completed by using special conductive ink, which plays the role of process control programming resistance of antenna, wire and electrical experiment software, and receives the radio signal sent by RFID computer

at present, the cost of RFlD label is still relatively high. Before preparing to invest in RFlD label production, we must make sufficient technical preparations before we often use length measuring instruments such as micrometer, micrometer, length measuring instrument, universal tool microscope, measuring microscope, etc. For example, we should establish a good partnership with key members of the RFID supply chain and do a good job in technical training on RFID. The cost of printing RFID tags is also very important. The operator of the consideration factor also needs to have a certain basic knowledge about electronic products. Sometimes environmental factors that will not affect ordinary tags will have a negative impact on RFID tags. Special attention should be paid to the protection of the embedded chip and antenna of the RFID tag, and the impact on the whole product should be considered in terms of design and material selection. RFID tags cannot be stored in an environment with a large number of electromagnetic and electrostatic fields. After all, there are important electronic devices in RFID tags. Technical preparation similar to this is an indispensable step for RFID tag printing

how to obtain the maximum benefits in the future label market is a problem that every label printer has been considering. Experts from Europe even suggested that, "In order to survive in the future label processing market, the label processing scale must be large or small. Large-scale processors will carry out international development. They will gain economic benefits. As more and more investors enter the bicycle market, small-scale processors will continue to provide fast and personalized services for regular customers in surrounding areas and nearby areas. The situation of medium-sized processors will be very complex."

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